Can I ride Metrolink or Amtrak for free?

No, the Youth Ride Free Program only lets you ride public buses in Ventura County.

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1. When does the program start?
2. When does the program start and how long does it last?
3. Who is eligible for the Youth Ride Free Promotional Program?
4. How will the driver know to let me on the bus for free?
5. Do I have to be going to/from school?
6. I’m traveling to a VCTC Zone 2 destination, do I have to pay an additional fare?
7. Can I ride Metrolink or Amtrak for free?
8. Can paratransit users ride dial-a-ride services for free?
9. What if I already bought a pass, can I get a refund?
10. If I attend school in Ventura County, can I still ride free if I don’t live in the county?
11. Is this a school bus service?
12. Do I have to ride with an adult?
13. Can I use any bus in Ventura County?