Developer Information

Established in 2003, the Public Art Program requires that 2% of the total building valuation be set aside for original artwork to be placed at the site of a covered project in a manner consistent with the Public Art Ordinance. The Public Art Program of the City of Ojai is intended to:

  • Improve the quality of life for City residents, workers, and visitors by providing the development of cultural and artistic resources and by enhancing the City’s visual image.
  • Develop a Public Art Program that is unique to Ojai, and provide diverse artworks of the highest quality
  • Increase the understanding and enjoyment of public art by Ojai’s citizens.
  • Integrate art in a sensitive manner with the proposed development sites and City surroundings.
  • Invite public participation in, and interaction with, public spaces.
  • Provide artistic diversity in the use of media and artistic expression.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary arts.
  • Include works by local, regional, national, and international artists that are suitable for viewing by a diverse community audience.
  • Encourage collaborations between artists, architects, and engineers.
  • Support artist participation on design teams for planning public projects.

View and download  the Developer's Guidelines for Public Art Booklet