Construction & Demolition

The City of Ojai has a Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Program. Getting started with your affidavit and certification to implement a Waste Reduction and Recycling Summary (WRRS). The following are a few steps in making this certification complete:

  1. Complete and submit a signed affidavit and certification to the Planning Division, located at:
    401 S Ventura Street
    Ojai, CA 93023
    • Please keep a copy for your records
  2. The Applicant (e.g., architect, owner, etc.) is responsible for submitting the forms to implement their WRRS with their building Permit Application
  3. Inform all subcontractors of your waste reduction and recycling plan for the project
  4. They play a key role in providing documentation for any materials they are hauling. This must include types, quantities and destination of materials collected; this includes amounts salvaged or recycled
  5. Where to take your materials? Included in the packet is a Builders Recycling Resource List; this list consists of facilities and the materials they accept. This is also available at the CalRecycle Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling page
  6. Summary Report: After your building permit is issued you will need to begin recording information for your summary report.; these report documents and tracks actual tonnages
  7. Complete and submit your Summary Report
  8. Due Date: Summary Reports are due 5 days prior to the Final Inspection
  9. Review Process: After final inspection the Planning Director will sign off on the Summary Report indicating the project is in compliance with all AB 939 Solid Waste Conditions

Dumpster & Roll-off Services

Dumpster and Roll‐off Services can be provided by The City of Ojai's franchised hauler E.J. Harrison and Sons. Part of the City's exclusive franchise with Harrison requires Harrison to sort all roll‐off boxes to maximize diversion of construction and demolition materials. No other dumpsters or haulers are permitted to collect solid waste or construction/demolition. Waste generators can receive significant discounts for sorting construction debris on‐site. For rate information or to order your bin contact EJ. Harrison at 805-647-1414. You can also order online at the E.J. Harrison and Sons Ojai City page or fax to 805-644-7751.